12 WEEK Transformation

“Here at Control Results, we provide a team of experts to not only get you in the best shape of your life, but to teach the skills needed for a healthy lifestyle change.”

Adam Dickinson

Founder, CEO

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12 week transformation


only 14 weeks

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-Private One on One Training

- Receive undivided attention at home or in our intimate, non-intimidating studio where our staff will help you implement a training program specific to your fitness goals, catering to your strengths and limitations.

-Couples/Partner Training

- Exercise with a partner to strengthen your bond and your body. This is a fun way to work on team building while spending time together.

-Group Training

- Great for anyone on a budget, small group training is a cost effective way to save money without sacrificing personal attention. Who says personal training is for the rich!

-Fitness Camps

- We offer a variety of fitness camps to help large groups improve their strength and endurance, while simultaneously shedding unwanted body fat.

-Sports Conditioning

- Our sports conditioning clinics are designed to help athletes of all ages improve their power, speed, agility, coordination, and performance which will all translate into a higher level of play on gameday.

-Corporate Wellness

- Increase employee work productivity and decrease absenteeism with wellness programming tailored to your company’s needs that will keep your staff happy and healthy. 

-Contest Preparation

- Have you ever thought about taking your training to the next level? If so, our comprehensive contest prep program will give you all the tools you need to compete at your personal best, including off/on season training and dieting, supplementation, posing practice, and more.

-Custom Food Programs

- If the diet you’re on has a name, it will not produce the long-lasting results you seek. Our custom meal plans will help you achieve the look and feel you desire, and are all reviewed by a registered dietician. Our higher calorie diets will ensure you are never hungry and that you keep the weight off.